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Kwong Hwa Has Your Holiday Needs Covered

Kwong Hwa is more than our everyday inventory. We also recognize the need to carry products that don’t have much use year-round but are nonetheless essential. That’s where our seasonal department comes in. We keep a large, rotating stock of holiday-themed products throughout the year, ensuring your Christmas party, Thanksgiving dinner, or Valentine’s date night goes as planned.

seasonal display

Festive Items for Every Holiday

Kwong Hwa’s seasonal offerings are always breathtaking. We’re a treasure trove for the festive and happily-in-love, and we’re continuously cycling our inventory to keep things fresh. Our goal is to offer everything our customers require to make their holiday season a success. Our most significant times of the year are:


In addition to selling excellent gifts – such as toys or electronics – Kwong Hwa also rotates a stellar selection of Christmas decorations during the Christmas season. You’ll think you’ve set foot on the North Pole when you browse our collection of candy canes, chocolates, Santa decorations, Christmas stockings, and stuffing stuffers for the ages.

Valentine’s Day

Make your sweetie feel special this Valentine’s Day. Kwong Hwa has everything you need to make your loved one feel appreciated – from chocolate boxes to flower bouquets of greens, yellows, and reds.


Gobble up by purchasing brand-new mixing bowls and cooking utensils. But we can also help you decorate your apartment or house with Thanksgiving-themed decorations. This November, visit Kwong Hwa and see what we’ve got in stock.

All Soul’s Day

Celebrate and remember those who’ve passed this All Soul’s Day by purchasing tasteful and respectful decorations. As proud Guam residents, Kwong Hwa wants to make All Soul’s Day memorable each year.

Kwong Hwa’s Seasonal Products Offer Everything

We always make an effort to provide everything you need at Kwong Hwa. We pride ourselves on how varied and eclectic our store is. When you’re shopping for Christmas decorations, you can always check out our electronics and toy departments. If you’re planning a Thanksgiving dinner, you might need new mixing bowls to go with your turkey decorations. No matter what you require, Kwong Hwa can provide it.

Get Everything You Need at Kwong Hwa Trading’s Store