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Pump Up the Noise with Our World-Class Electronics

A home is more than boring necessities. Sure, you need a comfortable bed and quality couches to enjoy company. But what about non-essentials? We’re especially proud of our electronics department, where our customers can find an assortment of home entertainment options. There’s no use queuing up an explosion-heavy action movie without the sound system to put you in the middle of the action. Every workout enthusiast needs a reliable set of earbuds to kick out the jams while they run, work on their biceps, and ride the trails. Kwong Hwa has all that and more. Visit our store today. Our electronics department is waiting for you.

200 amp cables

We Provide the Best Variety and Prices on the Island

Electronics don’t necessarily have to come with a hefty price tag to produce boisterous sounds. We’re music and movie lovers, just like you. That’s why we make sure the electronics we sell are of the highest quality and provide plenty of bass, mid-range, and high-end noises. Whether you want some floor speakers to go with a turntable or Bluetooth speakers for your deck, we’ve got it. And we carry earbuds and over-the-ear “can style” headphones. Variety, quality, and affordable prices are our trademarks.


How New Lamps and Lights Can Help You

Brightening your residence can make a massive impact on how comfortable you are, and many homeowners don’t realize the benefits of installing new lighting. At Kwong Hwa, we want you to take advantage of all the advantages your home or apartment provide by purchasing our lighting products. Investing in better lighting can:

Improve Moods

Science shows humans crave better light. While natural sunlight is the best way to improve your moods and live a healthier life, there are benefits to purchasing lamps and other lighting for your home. For instance, those with dark houses can benefit from increased and strategically-placed lights.

Make Your Home More Inviting

Kwong Hwa wants to help you create a welcoming and attractive home. The process starts outside the home. You wouldn’t believe the impression lamps can make when they line your walkway. In addition to making your yard less dark, it can improve safety and deter intruders.

Create Safer Working Conditions

If you have a home workshop, then you should be searching for ways to create the safest working environment possible. One of the best ways to do so is to purchase high-wattage lighting that illuminates the entire workshop and prevents serious accidents.

Increase Convenience

Make reading more comfortable, cooking easier, and other tasks simpler by investing in a few new lamps. We sell a wide variety of them, from floor-standing options to the tabletop variety.

Enhance Aesthetics

If you have old, worn down, or outdated lamps and lighting, new ones can make a huge difference in how good your apartment looks and feels when you have company over to visit or watch a sporting event.

Visit Our Store for Electronics, Household Items, and Plenty More

Kwong Hwa offers more than an extensive collection of electronics equipment. Our store carries everything you need to create a better, more enjoyable living situation. Don’t worry if you live in a small apartment. Confined quarters don’t relegate your home to a disorganized, uncomfortable mess. We’ve got storage solutions to help keep things orderly and furniture for all sized homes. Kwong Hwa also understands our customers’ desire for variety. While some might enjoy modern designs, others crave traditional styles. We also provide toys for children, cookware, artwork, beds, chairs, Tupperware, and even gas stoves and fans. Chances are, you’ll find what you’re looking for when you visit Kwong Hwa. And, if we’re out of an item, one of our sales associates will do their best to order it for you.

Get Everything You Need at Kwong Hwa Trading’s Store