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Quality Goods from Guam’s Kwong Hwa

Furniture & Home Decor

Get Everything You Need at Kwong Hwa’s Store

When it comes to purchasing household items like silverware, furniture, and electronics, Guam residents desire simplicity and convenience. Kwong Hwa offers them in a one-stop shopping experience. If you step inside our 6,000-square-foot store, you’ll find quality armchairs, couches, and TVs near each other. If you need pots, pans, and more for dinner parties and Sunday night meals, they’re easy to find. Most importantly, Kwong Hwa places a premium on delivering economical prices and quality products at the same time. Come down to our store and chat with our friendly staff. They’ll help you find what you’ve been searching for.

toy display

We’ve Got Toys for Boys and Girls of All Ages

Do you need toys for your little ones? We’ve got characters from their favorite Marvel or Pixar movies. Our store carries plush doggies, kittens, and elephants as well. Whatever your children need to feel safe and secure at night, we’ve got it. Kwong Hwa also carries motorized RC cars and trucks for fun-filled afternoons! Whether you’re looking for a birthday or Christmas present, or you’re a parent looking to buy your kid’s first big-kid bicycle, you can trust Kwong Hwa to provide it for you.

Our Extensive Inventory

We pride ourselves on offering a varied collection of goods to our neighbors. We want you to feel comfortable when you shop at Kwong Hwa. You value convenience, so we’ve worked hard to cultivate an environment where comfort is stressed. You can find the following at our store:

Visit Us to See Why We Have a Stellar Reputation

No matter what you require, we’ve got it. Over the years, we’ve developed a keen sense of what our customers need. We make sure to keep the hottest toys in stock. And we’re music lovers just like you, so our store is fully-stocked with great speakers and headphones. If you have any questions about one of our products, please feel free to contact us. One of our experienced team members will help you.

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