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High Quality and Low Prices: Our Guarantee

Guam residents deserve the best. So, we work hard to offer high-quality products and low prices. We don’t believe a quality couch has to come with a high price tag. The food you cook can taste great, even if you don’t spend thousands on chef-grade pots and pans. At Kwong Hwa, we offer quality and cost-savings at the same time. Learn more about our offerings below.

living room set

We’ve Got it, from Plush Toys to Plush Couches

We pride ourselves on delivering as many options as we can. Kwong Hwa is the best shopping destination on the island because we’re there for our customers, no matter their needs. At our store, you can find:

Furniture and Home Décor

Nothing beats a perfectly decorated living room. Kwong Hwa has the living room sets and artwork to make it happen. If you’re in the market for bunk beds for your children or a lovely vanity for your morning routine, you’ll find it and more at our store. While you’re at it, stock up on all the items you need for livable spaces.


Your children deserve the best, and we’ve got the hottest-selling toys right here at our store. Whether they love comic books or Barbie dolls, you’ll find the perfect birthday and Christmas presents here.

Household Items

Once you’ve bought a new dining room table or cabinets, you’re going to need brand-new silverware, pots, pans, and cooking utensils to go with them. You can even find gas stoves, fans, and endless amounts of Tupperware. If you’re ramping up for Christmas dinner, there’s no better place to get everything you need.

Seasonal Products

We keep up with the demands of the holiday seasons. If you need chocolates or flowers for your Valentine’s sweetheart, visit our store. What about Christmas or Thanksgiving-themed décor? Santa and plush Turkeys are waiting for you. We keep Guam festive.


Whether you love thumping bass or balanced sound, you’ll find a set of speakers or headphones you can adore at Kwong Hwa. Our electronics department features everything you need to enjoy a plugged-in and entertained life. If you have any questions about what kind of electronics we carry, we encourage you to call our store.

Our Team Prioritizes Customer Support Daily

Customer service is a significant part of our beliefs. If you’re not sure whether we offer a product, we guarantee one of our sales associates can give you the answer. And if we’re out of something, we’ll always do our best to order it and have it to you as quickly as possible. So, don’t hesitate to contact Kwong Hwa today.

Get Everything You Need at Kwong Hwa Trading’s Store