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Kwong Hwa Has Furniture for Every Room

Furnishing an apartment isn’t as easy as it seems. Finding a bed, couch, or recliner can be expensive, and with as many available options on the market, overwhelming. Kwong Hwa simplifies things. We believe in quality and affordability equally, and our store is filled to the brim with furnishings for the entire residence. Since 1986, we’ve provided the island of Guam with superior products at low prices, ensuring every house is welcoming, comfortable, and great looking. If you’re in the market for a new furniture piece, then contact us today.

two dressers

Home Furnishings for the Whole Family

At Kwong Hwa, we want our customers to have plenty to choose from when they visit our store. Every room in your home deserves attention, and sometimes a new furniture piece is a way to brighten a space.

We Sell:

  • Living Room Sets: We sell matching couches and chairs for living rooms of all sizes.
  • Dining Sets: Come to our store for a new dining room table and matching chairs.
  • Bedroom Sets: Purchase a luxurious bed, sturdy bed frame, and duvets and sheets in one place.
  • Bunk beds: Sleep soundly knowing your children can sleep in sturdy bunk beds.
  • Children’s Beds: We also sell individual children’s beds in a variety of shapes and styles.
  • Wall Décor: Kwong Hwa sells artwork, wall clocks, and more at our store.
  • Cabinets: Even if you have a small apartment, we’ve got cabinetry to keep you organized.
  • Shelves: Store items in your house more efficiently with sturdy shelving units.
  • Vanities: We can help you select a new vanity for your morning routine.
  • Desks: Whether for schoolwork or working from home, we’ve got the right desk for you.
  • Chairs: We sell chairs, including computer, kitchen, and easy chairs at our store.

Visit Our Store and Browse Our Massive Selection

Once you’ve found home furnishings, it’s time to think about functional items every household need. For instance, if you’ve purchased a new dining set, then consider browsing our extensive inventory of pots, pans, and cooking supplies. No dining room is complete without a superior sound system, so check out our electronics department for the best music and film-playing devices. Contact Kwong Hwa today or visit our store to browse.

Get Everything You Need at Kwong Hwa Trading’s Store